A Tribute to James Taylor and Don McLean

Stories behind the Songs (trivia, anecdotes and the music of these great singer/songwriters!)
A solo performance done by Larry
Two hours of acoustic music and song, with some interesting, obscure and ambiguously esoteric stories about these two wonderful American superstars.
Two of my favorite singers/songwriters: James Taylor and Don McLean. They're both from about the same time period, both relate to a generation that grew up listening to them, and are both still out there performing all over. They're considered the top of the list for many of us, with fabulous songs, wonderful lyrics, and heartwarming memories for all. I've been playing and singing their songs since the beginning of the 70's.
In the show, I explain why I decided to do both of them together in one show. I tell lots of short stories, amusing trivia, and behind the scenes anecdotes about these two artists, interspersed with the many songs that I sing. I perform the show with a lot of love, and usually feel disappointed toward the end that it's coming close to 'get-off-the-stage, you’re-done' time.
I also do a "Round Two" in which I don’t repeat any songs that I performed in the first show, nor tell any of the same stories and still give ninety full minutes of music enjoyment. (Unless of course the crowd really wants to hear "American Pie" and "Fire and Rain" again...)
And if it’s ok with you, I will GLADLY get my beautiful wife Mindy to join me in some of the songs. The more, the better.
I do the shows for audiences both small and large. It's a very relaxed show, where you can sit back and close your eyes and just drift off down memory lane. I'll perform anywhere there's an audience for me: house concerts, fundraisers, concert halls. Uh, almost anywhere.
I’m also proud to say that I won first place in an international competition of Singing James Taylor covers, with this clip:

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